Safe Call Now

Public Safety is a stressful, demanding career. You keep communities safe. You protect life and property. You enforce laws. You resolve conflicts. Public safety rests on your shoulders.

What happens when your personal life and career are out of balance? You are going through a divorce. Your finances are out of control. You can’t sleep. A traumatic event at work is haunting you. Drugs and alcohol seem to lessen the effects.

Don't ignore the warning signs. Safe Call Now was established by public safety employees for public safety employees. Talk to someone who understands the stressful demands of your work. It's a simple and confidential phone call away.

It takes a special kind of person to protect the lives and property of others. You can’t do this job effectively if you don’t take care of yourself. 206-459-3020. It’s simple and confidential.


Download the Safe Call Now information brochure here